The team

Andrew Fishman: Developer
With two generations of home builders in his family including his Grandfather and Father, it was only a matter of time before getting involved in the construction industry. Having followed the progress of the “Changing Lanes” initiative closely, he like others saw a tremendous opportunity and potential to apply his leadership, knowledge, and expertise into building a company specifically focused on Building
Laneway Suites.

As a visionary and entrepreneur, his objective was to create a team with a unified vision and the know-how experience to deliver a premium build for our clients while delivering a positive experience throughout the process.

David Livingstone: General Contractor
No stranger to the building industry, David is your consummate Contractor. A carpenter by trade and Builder/Renovator who specializes in Foundations and Underpinning, his experience delivers solid first-hand experience to ensure a strong foundation for each building project including twelve properties he’s purchased and sold.

His 30 Years of experience as a contractor and project manager make him perfectly suited for building Laneway Suites from the ground up.

David brings a long history of existing relationships with trustworthy trades to each project. David is an avid property investor and has vast expertise in staging homes for resale and rentals.

Iris Zimmer: Controller

Like the others on this team, Iris has grown up with a Father in the industry, an Entrepreneur and Electrician by Trade, who went on the develop many residential subdivisions in and around Toronto.

A seasoned manager and leader, Iris sits at the helm managing all of the finances for the company while working closely with customers when it comes to finishes, upgrades and budget reviews.

Iris’ runs a tight ship and over the past decade, as an Associate Publisher managing more than fifty independent workers, suppliers, and clients, she is perfectly suited to control the day to day operations of the business.


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