These retired teachers built a $350,000 laneway house. The tenant? Their 30-year-old daughter

Who: Jack Gelbloom, 66, retired music teacher; Jessica Goldstein, 70, retired college English teacher; and their daughter Lee Gelbloom, 30, gardener and contemporary dancer   The history: Jack and Jessica met in 1987, and their daughter, Lee, was born a couple of years later. In 1994, the family purchased a four-bed, two-bath in Seaton Village for $250,000. Over the years, they did some renovations, including a $20,000 backyard landscaping project, which involved tearing down the existing garage.   In 2007, at the age of 17, Lee left home to study in Israel, then got a bachelor’s degree in contemporary dance…

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Laneway Housing Options For Millennials — Just Ask Mom and Dad

How do you find a detached home in Toronto for under $500,000 dollars? Anyone in real estate will tell you that’s nearly impossible these days. But the one exception to that rule is laneway housing, which is springing up across backyards in our city and still comes in under that price tag.   Still in its infancy, the laneway trend took off in 2018, when the City of Toronto changed bylaws to allow home owners in most older parts of Toronto and East York to build self-contained residential units in rear yards next to a laneway. The new policy has…

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